Welcome to UNYTECH


UNYTECH is a collaborative effort among leading research institutions, venture firms, economic development organizations and service providers in Upstate New York. Universities in Upstate New York contribute immensely to the intellectual capital and high technology economy of the region. The eleven participating universities together have research and development expenditures over $1 billion. Research carried out within these universities translates into commercially viable products and services.

Our activities include sponsoring events, including a venture fair with SmartStart that showcases business plan presentations of university-based companies that are seeking capital and highlights emerging university research. UNYTECH also engages in advocacy efforts for our region, and activities that strengthen our ability to translate university inventions and discoveries to the benefit of society and for regional economic development.

Objectives of UNYTECH:

  • Create deal flow in the region.
  • Brand the region as innovative, entrepreneurial, high-tech, and research intensive where universities are a driving force in the tech-led economy.
  • Foster interaction among scientists, technology transfer offices, economic development agencies, and the business community across the region.
  • Capitalize on the renewed emphasis on technology commercialization and entrepreneurship throughout the region.
  • Sponsor venture fairs that assist startup companies to raise funding.

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